Increase sales by 300% with this marketing strategy (with best ROI)

Increase sales by over 300% with this marketing strategy (achieve the best marketing ROI too)

When you created your website, your recent blog or your last piece of marketing content, did you select what you thought was right or did you carry out some basic research to guide your targeting and the selection of the right structure, topics, titles and messaging? 

Consider this simple training company example:

‘Leadership Development Program’ is searched in the UK on Google 590 times a month. ‘Leadership Training’ 1,900 times. Position your new blog to the latter which has over 300% more traffic!   

Conducting research can ensure your business is positioned to, and fishing in, the right pond.

Fishing in wrong pond

Researching and aligning to what your prospects are searching for can significantly improve your business results (more enquiries, leads and sales), whilst maximising the return on your marketing spend. This is illustrated in the following example.

A training company introduced a new management course adding it to their website as a Leadership Development Program. They also wrote a blog about the benefits of Leadership Development Programs. The website content and blog were informative, well-written, engaging and followed search engine best practices. They promoted their new program using paid Google ads and achieved good engagement and were creating quality leads.

Perfect, so what is the issue? They positioned and marketed their new training on gut feel, what they believed was best.

A quick analysis of ‘Leadership Development Program’ shows that this term is searched for in the UK on Google and search partners 590 times per month. A quick relative comparison shows ‘Leadership Training’ is searched 1,900 times a month. By aligning their new training courses to ‘Leadership Training’ they would be aligning to an area that is searched for over 300% more than the area they choose. Assuming a three-fold increase in their enquiries, with the same enquiry to lead, lead to opportunity and opportunity to order conversion ratios potentially they could increase sales by over 300%.  

Researching and positioning your offers, website, blogs and content to align with what people are searching/looking for could have significant benefits for your new client engagement and overall marketing.

SEO Image

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often focused on maximising the performance on Search of the keywords you have chosen – see 15 factors to improve SEO results (grow prospect engagement). However, as illustrated above taking a strategic approach to researching and planning your targeting, positioning and corresponding marketing content can have a significant impact on results. Irrespective of the focus of your business this is extremely important exercise across all industries and market segments. For example, here is an interesting external article related to targeting and delivering better results in Yachting (yes, yachting).   

By targeting the right areas, the hours you spend creating a website, blogs, videos, messaging and other content will be aligned to those areas that are likely to give you the very best return on your marketing investment.

Research and analysis don’t have to be complex.


The Google keyword planning tool is very simple to use and provides relative volumes on search keywords and terms quickly and historically by month too. This means that you can also consider seasonal trends and use this information to decide when campaigns go live and whether you need to change your positioning and messaging at different times of the year. For example, if you searched GDPR compliance (the new general data protection regulation) prior to May 2018 the monthly search volumes were rapidly growing. But if you are a business selling security services what are current ‘GDPR’ search volumes and should you now be targeting this area now and if you are what engagement volumes can you expect, and will this deliver the results you need to achieve your sales targets?

GDPR Search Traffic Google and Search Partners

The graph above shows historical Google and Search partner UK search volumes in 2018 for ‘GDPR compliance’. As you can see in May 2018 there were 110,000 searches of which 51,066 were on mobile devices. Unsurprisingly in August 2018, this dropped to a total of 18,100 searches:

August 2018 GDPR Search Data

If you want to get even more serious about targeting and look at what your competitors are targeting too, there are other search engine marketing (SEM) tools that can allow you to roll up your sleeves and really get stuck into analysis and research although you will need to pay for these services. If you are going to do this try to check using their free services whether the investment will give you the desired information as sometimes their search indexing may not provide the detail you are seeking. Two specific tools you may wish to consider are SEM Rush and Spyfu.

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