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Our unique transformative approach has accelerated growth for start-ups, struggling companies, and successful businesses with ambitious growth aims.

The Transform Accelerator

Discover new opportunities in your business and sustainably increase your revenue by following our trusted plan. Manageable growth that considers today's challenges and cash-flow constraints.

Get a new perspective on your business. Discover it’s value to guide the transform strategy.

  • One on one support.
  • Trusted business audit frameworks.
  • 80/20 value review.
  • Business ambition audit.
  • Evaluate biggest challenges.

Identify and prioritise new ideas to design a manageable plan of action to transform your business.

  • Focus on real market opportunities.
  • Reach the ‘Aha! Moment’
  • Clear and manageable vision.
  • “How to fund it” review.
  • Risk vs. reward considered.

Empower your team, build new processes, create assets and deliver through the most effective channels.

  • New marketing campaigns.
  • Project approach.
  • Minimum Viable Marketing plan.
  • Effective processes.
  • Compelling messaging.

Test and measure performance, optimising often to grow results and improve return on investment.

  • Optimise performance.
  • Track engagements and conversions.
  • Evolve and adapt campaigns.
  • Continue to grow.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support.

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Our unique process orientated approach has helped numerous technology and SME clients significantly enhance their approach, processes and business results cost-effectively.

Our transformative approach has accelerated growth for start-ups, struggling companies, and successful businesses that have ambitious growth plans. 

The Transform Accelerator is delivered to UK companies by a European Top 100 most-influential Tech B2B marketing leader with significant real-world experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales and business development for large, mid-sized and small companies (see about us for more detail).

Either executed directly, or with our network of specialist marketing partners, supporting The Transform Accelerator is a range of growth-centric services from creating strategies and plans, building respected and engaging brands, and producing high-impact new ‘product’ launches, through to differentiated and value-based demand generation and digital marketing, and creating high performance sales teams and channel partners using proven best-in-class approaches. Grow your brand, leads, market share and sales.

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Not ready to speak to us yet? Sign up for our Free 6-week Email Accelerator instead.

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Our technology and SME B2B clients range from Managed IT Services; Cloud & Cyber Security; IT Consulting; IT Solutions; App Software & SaaS; IT Support; Microsoft SCCM & Intune, Application Packaging, Windows OS Migration; Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service; Microsoft Azure IaaS; IOT & Control Technology; and Electronic Manufacturing Services businesses, through to Business Intelligence; Business Consultancies and Freelancers; Business Performance Psychologists; and Business Personal Coaches.

Our B2C clients include National Sports Organisations; Residential Family Centres; Social Care Organisations; Physiotherapists; Hotel Cleaning & Housekeeping; Specialist Food; Personal Hygiene & Care; Specialist Furniture; Building Plan Drawings & Regulations; and Home Technology companies.

Business IT Plus
Bunker Technical Solutions
Control Technologies
APP Technology
The Woodbridge Domiciliary Care
Vitality Cleaning
SureCare Newham Domiciliary Care
KT Secure
E2E Technologies
Digital AV
Escape Design
Clarity Tech Ltd
Eden Communications Ltd


“Epitomise have created the momentum and direction needed to achieve Business IT Plus aims. Steve’s experience and confidence in this field are very evident which filled me with confidence for a successful outcome. Steve is a great guy to work with and is straight to the point and has a great sense of urgency.”

Gary Smith
Managing Director – Business IT Plus

“Epitomise helped KT Secure to create its 3-year Business Strategy and annual Marketing Plan. Also, acting as our part-time Marketing Director, they helped us recruit an excellent Marketing Manager and enhanced our marketing to achieve ambitious growth aims. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company looking to grow.”

Vin Varatharajan
Managing Director KT Secure