Transform, perform and accelerate your growth

Our strategic marketing framework, the Transform Accelerator, has helped clients to build impactful brands, successfully launch new products, create more leads, win many new clients, expand existing customers, and achieve significant growth.

Our unique transformative approach has accelerated growth for start-ups, struggling companies, and successful businesses with ambitious growth aims.

The Transform Accelerator

Discover new opportunities in your business and sustainably increase your revenue by following our trusted plan. Manageable growth that considers today's challenges and cash-flow constraints.

Get a new perspective on your business. Discover it’s value to guide the transform strategy.

  • One on one support.
  • Trusted business audit frameworks.
  • 80/20 value review.
  • Business ambition audit.
  • Evaluate biggest challenges.

Identify and prioritise new ideas to design a manageable plan of action to transform your business.

  • Focus on real market opportunities.
  • Reach the ‘Aha! Moment’
  • Clear and manageable vision.
  • “How to fund it” review.
  • Risk vs. reward considered.

Empower your team, build new processes, create assets and deliver through the most effective channels.

  • New marketing campaigns.
  • Project approach.
  • Minimum Viable Marketing plan.
  • Effective processes.
  • Compelling messaging.

Test and measure performance, optimising often to grow results and improve return on investment.

  • Optimise performance.
  • Track engagements and conversions.
  • Evolve and adapt campaigns.
  • Continue to grow.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support.

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We help you define what success looks like for your business and create the prioritised, resourced, and tracked strategic marketing plan to achieve this success. We can help you build your processes and skills to execute your plan or if you prefer we can be your fully outsourced results focused marketing services provider. We are flexible and will align our support to exactly where you require it.

Transform, Perform & Grow
Our proven framework, senior experience, and expert strategic and digital marketing practitioner skills, combine to help you plan, prioritise, build, and execute to achieve explosive business growth.

This video provides a concise overview of stages 1 and 2 (Review & Focus) of the Transform Accelerator. For further information and a non-obligatory discussion please contact us.

Our Customers

Bytesnap Embedded Design Excellence
NKD Learning
Digital AV
Business IT Plus
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Control Technologies UK Ltd
APP Technology
Wider FIT Shoes
OGL Software
Escape Design
Clarity Tech Ltd
Eden Communications Ltd


“Epitomise helped KT Secure to create its 3-year Business Strategy and annual Marketing Plan. Also, acting as our part-time Marketing Director, they helped us recruit excellent Marketing and Sales Managers and enhanced our marketing to achieve ambitious growth aims. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company looking to grow.”

Vin Varatharajan
Managing Director | KT Secure

"Steve clearly knows his stuff – his expertise, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and detailed research have helped take our strategic marketing to the next level. Very happy with the fantastic service from Epitomise. I highly recommend Steve and the Epitomise team."

Michelle Robinson
Marketing Manager | Bytesnap

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