Creating & Converting Business Demand

Our strategies accelerate your growth cost-effectively

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Targeting attractive markets, cost-effectively creating demand with modern practices and efficiently converting leads into orders, minimising leakage, maximises marketing contribution.

We help you create and cost-effectively execute best practice demand generation strategies that nurture companies to customers on their discovery, exploration, evaluation and purchase journeys.

Create more marketing leads and sales orders

Annual marketing campaigns

Marketing programs

Sales promotions

Lead waterfall performance

Creation and conversion analytics

Demand processes & tools


Our demand generation focus covers


Attractive segments


Outbound and inbound leads


Converting leads into orders


Sweet spot analysis
High growth markets 
Attractive segments
Company, prospect, customer
Account based marketing
Decision makers & influencers
Personas & profiles
Automation smart lists
Respecting perferences
GDPR & permissions
Predictive analytics criteria
Data partners and big data


Content / blogs
Personalisation / lead scoring
Paid ads / display ads / SEO
Social selling / social media
Nurtures / emails / newsletters
Press & media relations
Website / landing pages
Webinars / events / shows
Telemarketing / speaking
ToFu / MoFu / BoFu assets
Using automated processes
Use of growth hacking


Opportunity reviews
Strategic lead allocation
Perf. based lead mgt
Channel enablement
Sales training
Sales incentives
Sales assets & collateral
Sales lead reviews
Partner lead reviews
Tracking & reporting
Won / lost analysis
Conversion analytics

We consider the journey from company to customer; which targets, their journey, how to optimally create and convert demand to deliver results

Targeting users with content relevant to their position along the buyer journey yields 72% higher conversion rates (Aberdeen).


Company to customer journey



“I have been very impressed with the professional expertise Epitomise has provided me. From the first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. We created an expansion proposal that has now led to my business dream come true. I am glad I chose to go ahead with Epitomise and I would recommend businesses to use them for business development.”

Lucy Mwape
Managing Director, The Woodbridge Domiciliary Care

“I couldn't be happier; their work is great! Epitomise's strategic perspective helped to extract my company’s differentiators, which they professionally presented in many high-quality deliverables. I would strongly recommend Epitomise as an attentive and cost-effective strategic marketing consultancy to any SME business that is looking to target and win new business.”

Martez Abakar
Managing Director of Vitality Cleaning

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