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Hi, I am Steve Ward the founder of Epitomise. Thank you for visiting our website. Since being formed in July 2017 we have helped many SMEs and Tech companies to grow their business with exceptional strategic marketing consultancy, mentoring and execution services.  

Modern marketing is extremely diverse. It takes considerable time to build the understanding and experience to know the real-world impact of the various options available, and then choose and execute the right strategies in the right way to achieve your aims. Larger companies will address this by hiring a Marketing Director, often at a significant six-figure cost. This isn't an option for the companies we partner and we provide all of the benefits that having a highly experienced marketing leader and practitioner brings without the high cost and with full flexibility. Some customers outsource their marketing to us, for others we are their on-tap marketing director, leader and mentor where we help their internal marketing resource and sometimes their existing marketing agencies too, to 'transform and perform' with our structured support and mentoring growth program.

Who We Help: 

Epitomise services are for those who recognise the importance of taking a considered approach to marketing and executing carefully selected marketing strategies in the right way, with them being targeted, measured and constantly optimised, with the aim of each activity optimally contributing. Our B2B product, managed service, support, and solution focused clients span IT and ICT, Electronics and Engineering, and Professional and Business Services. Our B2C clients are focused on home, medical, domiciliary care, beauty, hygiene, sports, food, clothing and manufactured products and services.

How We Help:

By providing considered strategic marketing and a full range of marketing consultancy, execution and mentoring services to help clients intelligently target and grow their business with customer-centric best practice marketing. We have helped many SME and Tech companies to strategically plan, grow their brand, define their value, improve their communication, launch new products, win new clients, grow business with existing customers, and build high performing marketing processes, leaders, managers, and wider teams. 

Experienced Expert Marketing:

Our value is achieved by combining significant experience, obtained in senior marketing positions within the respected companies shown below, expert hands-on marketing practitioner skills and a proven 'transform, perform and grow' framework.

Our Promise:

We will help you select the right marketing strategies and always operate to the best of our experience, knowledge and ability, in supporting you in achieving your desired marketing and business aims. With a measured approach, we will ensure you are kept informed and we will provide you the freedom to focus on your business whilst we manage your marketing in the areas you expect from us.

Our Difference:

* A track record of supporting real-world accountable business growth through best practice marketing; strategy and execution

* Award-winning ‘Top 100’ most-influential marketing with significant senior national, international and global experience

* A rare combination of strategic marketing and expert practitioner experience, so you:

      - Do the right things with the support of Epitomise strategic marketing services

      - Execute in the right way with Epitomise best-practice marketing executional services

* Cranfield Strategic Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma qualified

* Extremely results focused with excellent communication, progress reviews and optimisation of approach

* A comprehensive range of flexible marketing services that are aligned to your specific business needs.

We are qualified experts in strategic, traditional and digital marketing. We are trustworthy, responsive, flexible and easy-to-work-with. As well as being results focused, honest and transparent, we deliver what we say to quality and on time.

Client Testimonials

“I couldn't be happier; their work is great! Epitomise's strategic perspective helped to extract my company’s differentiators, which they professionally presented in many high-quality deliverables. I would strongly recommend Epitomise as an attentive and cost-effective strategic marketing company to any SME business that is looking to target and win new business.”

Martez Abakar
Managing Director - Vitality

“Epitomise have created the momentum and direction needed to achieve Business IT Plus aims. Steve’s experience and confidence in this field are very evident which filled me with confidence for a successful outcome. Steve is a great guy to work with and is straight to the point and has a great sense of urgency.”

Gary Smith
Managing Director – Business IT Plus

A short video on Epitomise 

We offer a full range of strategic, mentorship and executional marketing services and a take a considered, measured and flexible approach that is always focused on achieving your aims.

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Hi, I'm Kelly, a brand, design and digital marketing expert. I believe that branding is an essential part of marketing. When I refer to branding I refer to the use of clever design and marketing that gives your potential clients confidence in your business. This is achieved by making sure your values and what services you offer are consistent and that your image is professional at every point of contact. Building relationships with your existing and potential clients is key and we work hard to enhance the communication you give at each stage of the buying process to support your business growth.

Because we are data-driven our design and marketing decisions are always based on analytical data and buyer decisions. We hone in on all aspects of your branding and marketing to help you stand out from your competitors. We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on helping you to achieve your business goals. My personal expertise includes:

* Creative design - Branding, Identity, Illustration & infographics.
* Web design - Website design , WordPress dev., hosting, eCommerce & mobile website
* Digital Marketing - Advertising (Search, Display, Social), social media ( All platforms), email nurture tracks, and account based marketing.