How we help and the problems we solve

Efficiently solving business growth issues with winning business & marketing strategies

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We can help you:

Set and achieve your growth aims by selecting and focusing on the right things in the right way

Ensure resources and spend are directed to the right strategies and giving the best results and return

Adopt proven practices, processes and digital tools to achieve goals efficiently and effectively

Bridge knowledge and skill gaps to make and execute the right strategic and tactical decisions

Ensure implementation plans are resourced by you, by us or with the support of our partners

Create more leads, sales & clients efficiently with best practice digital marketing approaches

Target the right audiences effectively; markets, segments, companies, teams and individuals

Create powerful brands and messaging that compels action with vehicles that reach audiences

Create demand with innovative strategies, converting with enabled sales teams & personnel

Typical customer problems that we resolve

70% of leads that sales follow up are not ready to buy (SiriusDecisions)

Only 9% of digital ads viewed for more than a second (Marketing Week).

44% of reps give up after one follow-up call, yet 80% of sales require five (CustomerThink)

Less than 10% percent of organisations successfully execute the strategy (Metrus Group)

Of 26,000 start-up business failures, 67% had no written plan (Solo-E)

It is typical that 50% of all marketing content created is wasted (OMI)

Our achievements (Examples):

Tried and tested strategies and cost-effective modern practices

Developed strategies & plans to grow a business by 50% over 3-years. Achieved on-track 18% year-one & 12% year-two growth

Ran marketing campaigns with content rich value based messaging & triggered nurtures creating significant sales

Created & launched an innovative sales program that grew a strategically important product by 100% in under 12 months

Improved search, paid & social media advertising results growing ad related revenue by 220% & ROI by 495% within one year

Achieved first-page SEO performance and grew social media followers by over 15,000 in one year

Created campaigns producing over 8,000 leads within a year with 50% marketing contribution to sales in the UK market

Created a portfolio of compelling value propositions & a leading premium company brand achieving double-digit sales growth

Transformed processes with digital best practices; automation, websites, e-commerce, CRM, advertising, SEO, blogs & social

Implemented eCommerce spanning multiple brands, products and services significantly growing online presence & sales

Client Testimonials

“Epitomise helped KT Secure to create its 3-year Business Strategy and annual Marketing Plan. Also, acting as our part-time Marketing Director, they helped us recruit an excellent Marketing Manager and enhanced our marketing to achieve ambitious growth aims. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company looking to grow.”

Vin Varatharajan
Managing Director KT Secure

“I couldn't be happier; their work is great! Epitomise's strategic perspective helped to extract my company’s differentiators, which they professionally presented in many high-quality deliverables. I would strongly recommend Epitomise as an attentive and cost-effective strategic marketing consultancy to any SME business that is looking to target and win new business.”

Martez Abakar
Managing Director Vitality