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Helping you create and execute your strategy and marketing plans

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We look at where you are and where you want to be. We then help you create your business strategy and marketing plans to get you there. Once there is clarity on what needs to be done we can help you execute to achieve desired results. 




Create your vision



Strategy to achieve vision



Achieve your strategy

Delivering exceptional results, at the lowest cost, is commonly achieved by understanding and backing winning strategies. We have significant experience in devising and delivering strategic growth with modern approaches and practices that really work. Don't waste scarce resources, time and money, leverage our experience. The strategies we can help you create include:

Company strategy
Brand strategy
Portfolio strategy
Market strategy
Segmentation strategy
Messaging strategy
Market entrance strategy

Market development strategy
Go-to-market strategy
Customer retention strategy
Marketing strategy
Communications strategy
Demand generation strategy
Digital marketing strategy

Marketing content strategy
Marketing automation strategy
Sales channel strategy
Partner program strategy
Ecommerce strategy
Organisational strategy
Operational strategy

Once your strategy has been created we help you create and execute plans, along with building modern and best practice process muscle, to deliver the desired strategic aims. We help you exactly where you need us when you need us. Specific plans we can help you create and deliver include:

Business plans
Marketing plans
Demand generation plans
Digital marketing plans
Campaign plans
Communication plans
Messaging plans

Marketing content plans
Account based marketing plans
Marketing automation plans
Skills development plans
Competitive attack plans
Customer retention plans
Operational plans

eCommerce plans
Country entry plans
Country growth plans
Sales channel plans
Channel onboarding plans
Channel partner program plans
Sales enablement plans

Our unique transformative approach has accelerated growth for start-ups, struggling companies, and successful businesses with ambitious growth aims. 

The Transform Accelerator

Discover new opportunities in your business and sustainably increase your revenue by following our trusted plan. Manageable growth that considers today's challenges and cash-flow constraints.

Get a new perspective on your business. Discover it’s value to guide the transform strategy.

Identify and prioritise new ideas to design a manageable plan of action to transform your business.

Empower your team, build new processes, create assets and deliver through the most effective channels.

Test and measure performance, optimising often to grow results and improve return on investment.


“Epitomise helped KT Secure to create its 3-year Business Strategy and annual Marketing Plan. Also, acting as our part-time Marketing Director, they helped us recruit an excellent Marketing Manager and enhanced our marketing to achieve ambitious growth aims. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company looking to grow.”

Vin Varatharajan
Managing Director - KT Secure

“I have been very impressed with the professional expertise Epitomise has provided me. From the first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. We created an expansion proposal that has now led to my business dream come true. I am glad I chose to go ahead with Epitomise and I would recommend businesses to use them for business development.”

Lucy Mwape
Managing Director - The Woodbridge Family Centre

High-level Strategy Plan creation process

Step 1. Meet to set strategic aims & priorities. Hold progress reviews

Step 2. Audit internal and external environments

Step 3. Create vision, strategic plan, timeline and actions

Step 4. Execute strategies and actions to budget and time

Step 5. Monitor progress and results with visual management

Step 6. Modify strategies and tactics to achieve success

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