Marketing mentor

For ambitious marketers, leaders, and teams. Mentoring from a highly experienced, senior, and expert hands-on and certified digital marketing practitioner.

Marketing & Business Mentor

For those who are looking to use best practice marketing and business strategies to grow themself and their business. Mentoring that combines a rare mixture of senior strategic marketing, global chief marketing officer (CMO) experience, and expert online and offline marketing practitioner skills to help you do the right things in the right way.

Your on-tap CMO and expert marketing practitioner

From £795 +vat per month
(Flexible monthly agreement)

Tailored marketing mentorship and coaching programs that develops engagement, motivation, skills, contribution and performance. Growing influence and respect, accelerating results and careers.

We start by creating a plan

Identify goals & prioritise strategies for success

Rapid Concise Plan

1-days work

Full Plan

2-days work

Strategic Detailed Plan

3+ days work

Then a mentorship program is tailored to you

Implement strategies to achieve goals & success

(Tactical Help)


7.5 hours per month

* Online meetings
* Support emails
* Scheduled calls
* Marketing guides
* Recommended reading
* Automated audit & advice



12-hours per month

* Online meetings
* Support emails
* 1-2-1 training
* Scheduled calls
* Delivering the plan mentoring
* Marketing guides
* Program reading
* Automated audit & advice

(Growth & Career)


15-hours+ per month

* Leadership mentoring
* Delivering the plan mentoring
* Personal growth mentoring
* Operational mentoring
* Career development plan
* Career pulse points
* Overcoming obstacles advice
* Email help & scheduled calls
* 1-2-1 and 1-2-team training
* Progress and result tracking
* Senior influence & presence
* The road to a CMO advice
* Marketing guides
* Program reading

 Senior Experience To Support Growth & Careers 

Your mentor is a multi-award-winning marketing leader with over 25 years’ senior strategic and hands-on expert practitioner experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales, and business development in both B2B and B2C businesses spanning numerous market sectors.

Epitomise has helped a significant number of SMEs, Tech/IT and Professional Service clients to transform, perform and grow with best-practice marketing; strategy, implementation, and optimisation.

Before forming Epitomise, Steve Ward your on-tap mentor, worked for large, mid-sized and small companies in IT and Technology, Broadcast and Media, Test and Measurement, and Telecoms as shown below: 

Marketing experts in strategic planning; research & targeting; building compelling brands; value proposition creation and differentiated messaging; achieving successful go-to-market launches; creating and convert business demand; all aspects of digital marketing; content marketing; product marketing; channel marketing; partner marketing; marketing operations; social selling; and sales enablement.

Building Tomorrow's Marketing Leaders Today
Why Epitomise As Your Expert Marketing Mentor

* ‘Top 100’ most-influential CMO marketing mentor


* Mentorship programs from £795 +vat per month


* Expert strategist & digital practitioner rare combination

* History of coaching engaged & performing professionals


* Significant best practice cross-industry knowledge


* A proven ‘transform and perform’ coaching framework

* A maximise your influence, impact, and results focus


* Options for business growth, personal growth, or both


* Experienced marketing guidance that delivers results   

CMO Debates - Marketing Today & Tomorrow

A Sample Of Our Customers

We have improved the motivation, performance, influence and careers of executives, marketing leaders and teams across numerous business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies spanning a wide range of market sectors. We bring a rare combination of expert strategic marketing and hands-on marketing practitioner experience with a significant background of building and leading high performing individuals and teams.

Bytesnap Embedded Design Excellence
NKD Learning
Digital AV
Business IT Plus
FIT Company Logo
Control Technologies UK Ltd
APP Technology
Alliance Health Group
Wider FIT Shoes
Escape Design
Clarity Tech Ltd
Eden Communications Ltd

Mentor Testimonials

"Steve clearly knows his stuff – his expertise, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and detailed research have helped take our strategic marketing to the next level. Very happy with the fantastic service from Epitomise. I highly recommend Steve and the Epitomise team."

Michelle Robinson
Marketing Leader - Bytesnap Design

"I can’t rate Epitomise highly enough. Experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, strategic and generally just lovely! Steve has put enormous energy into putting together a best practice marketing strategy and given me all the tools I need to succeed. Beyond that, he’s a great listener and skilled in helping turn my ramblings into a sensible path."

Coni Judge
Managing Director - Eden Communications

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