Mary Personal Care
Brand Identity Design

Logo & Letterhead Design

Mary Personal Care specialises in attentive, affordable, and tailored professional home care to help people to maintain quality of life from the comfort of their own home.

We were approached by Mary Personal Care to support her in developing a brand identity for the new company that looked professional. We were also requested to help create the client focused messaging for the website and for referral sites.  

We developed a suite of logo designs based on the brief given, creating a final logo design and letterhead. We also created the value-based customer messaging and structure of the new website which was passed to Mary Personal Care's website provider to build.  

“Absolutely blown away by the level of help we receive. Communication is prompt and constant and advice is always readily given. Speaking as someone with little marketing knowledge, their level of experience is greatly appreciated.

Janjay Musazi
Rosemary Personal Care